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Strategic Plan

Mitchell Community College 2023-2028 Strategic Plan: Mitchell Empowers Futures


Dr. Tim Brewer, President of Mitchell Community College.

As we continue to provide quality education and move forward with wisdom from our past and a firm foundation in our present, Mitchell looks towards the future. We have taken time to reflect, seek input and move through the process of refreshing, resetting, and reconnecting in ways that have led to the development of a new strategic plan.

The College began the strategic planning process which was developed through the culmination of shared efforts between the College Board of Trustees, faculty, staff, students and our community. This process included an internal review of the College’s mission, vision, equity statement, and core values alongside refreshed college-wide objectives, stakeholder engagement, and an understanding of how Mitchell fits within an external economic climate.

We live in a dynamic and fast-growing community and Mitchell is on a trajectory to continue to do as we have historically done – focus on student success with intention. Our commitment to excellence in education is inspired by a desire to create relevant pathways and equitable access to educational opportunities.

These opportunities will align with workforce needs and provide graduates with socioeconomic sustainability in Iredell County and beyond.

Dr. Tim Brewer, President

Strategic Plan

Through an internal review of the College’s mission, vision, equity statement, and core values alongside refreshed college-wide objectives, stakeholder engagement and an understanding of how Mitchell’s pathways fit within an external economic climate, Mitchell Empowers Futures was developed during the strategic planning process as a blueprint for Mitchell Community College to facilitate relevant and purposeful success for its current and prospective students.

Mitchell Community College’s strategic planning process will enable the College to continue to operate as a driving engine for economic development in Iredell County. Whether entering the world of work or pursuing additional education, Mitchell equips students with transferrable skills that enable success.

Strategic Priorities

Mitchell Community College’s strategic planning process will enable the College to continue to operate as a driving engine for economic development by equipping students with transferrable skills that enable success by focusing on:

Mitchell student receiving instruction in a classroom.
Mitchell students working on a group project.

Teaching and Learning

that inspires students to achieve their goals and realize success.

Achieving Economic Mobility

by preparing students for employment through programs that are relevant and align with the needs of business and industry.

Thriving Partnerships

with stakeholders through collaborative actions that lead to greater student success.

These strategic priorities serve as a blueprint that guides the work that we do. Mitchell Community College meets students where they are on a spectrum of knowledge and skills, and provides educational opportunities for professional and personal growth to ensure that we Empower Futures.


Mitchell graduate Holding a diploma.

Mitchell Community College is the leader in higher education in Iredell County, offering unique educational opportunities for a diverse student population with varying needs and goals.

To provide this supportive environment, the College maintains comprehensive partnerships with various organizations including public schools, non-profit entities, colleges and universities, business and industry partners, municipalities and other community-based organizations.

Although there may be similarities in comparing the services of other agencies to what the College offers, Mitchell is unique in its open-door institution model which offers help and support for any student that wishes to pursue educational opportunities.

As we reflect on how Mitchell Empowers Futures of current and prospective students, the College must realign its institutional goals to provide effective and relevant pathways that ensure student success and further develop the community’s workforce.

Mitchell’s strategic planning team set out to refresh, reset, and reconnect the College’s current goals in a more purposeful way.


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Mitchell’s strategic planning process sets a blueprint for the College’s next five years. This process assesses future trends, creates collaboration in the design of institutional goals, prioritizes success-driven objectives, and rearticulates use of the College’s strategic plan within other annual plans implemented at the college.

As an educational institution, the strategic planning process aligns the College’s resources, programs, and day-to-day functions with more relevant pathways that help all students find accessible educational options that fit their unique needs and schedules.


Group of Mitchell students posing for a photo at an outdoor event.

Mitchell Community College provides equitable access to affordable, high-quality learning experiences and services that lead to social and economic mobility for students.


Mitchell Community College aspires to be a catalyst that nurtures intellect, ignites creativity, fosters innovation, and transforms lives for our community and beyond.

Equity Statement

The diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging work at Mitchell seeks to

  • create opportunity for difficult dialogue and self-inquiry to create healthy relationships and promote a growth mindset;
  • remove barriers and replace practices that perpetuate inequities to increase all student success;
  • provide psychological and physical safety for belonging and inclusion for students/faculty/staff so all can flourish;
  • practice empathy and equity mindedness in our daily work;
  • invite the humanness of everyone on campus to bring their whole selves to our space.

Core Values, Priorities & Goals

Mitchell's three strategic priorities are linked to key core values and specific goals that further inform the strategic plan.


Background & Process

Learn more about Mitchell and the development process of the strategic plan.