Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates are set by the North Carolina General Assembly and are subject to change without notice.

In-State: $76 per credit hour
Maximum In-State: $1,216 for 16 + credit hours
Out-of-State: $268 per credit hour
Maximum Out-of-State: $4,288 for 16+ credit hours

Required Fees

Fees are not refundable after classes begin. Fees are charged each semester unless otherwise noted.

Administrative Fee (ADMFE) – Charges to offset costs associated with all admin functions performed by college employees.
$5 per semester

Student Government Association (ACTFE) Fees – Charges to support all student activities.                                                       (Assessed in Fall and Spring semesters only)
$2.50 per credit hour for 1-8 credit hours
$25 for 9+ credit hours

Technology Fee (TECFE) – Charges to support student access to all instructional technology and computer use.
$3 per credit hour
$48 for 16+ credit hours

Campus Access Fee (STUFE) – Charges to offset the costs associated with improving campus safety and security, maintaining the college’s parking facilities and security of college property.
$25 per semester

Student Accident Insurance (INSFE) – For student accident insurance in the event a student gets injured on campus.
$1.25 per semester

Other Expenses

Returned Check Fee

Cost of books will vary from program to program; however, most students pay an estimated $1,000 for books for the academic year. Find additional information on book costs by visiting the bookstore.

Library Fines
A fee for lost books and over-due books is charged. If a lost book fee is charged and the book is later found and returned, the fee is refunded.

Purchasing Cap and Gown
Students wishing to participate in graduation ceremonies must purchase a cap & gown from the school bookstore. Find additional information on purchasing a cap and gown by visiting the bookstore.

Audit Fee
Regular tuition charges apply for classes taken for audit.


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