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Background & Process

Mitchell Community College 2023-2028 Strategic Plan: Mitchell Empowers Futures


Since 1852, Mitchell has provided higher education opportunities in Iredell County. With each decade, the College has expanded its program offerings, its resources and its footprint to position itself as an accessible and relevant option for higher education.

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Mitchell’s enrollment has remained steady over the past several years with increases in the fall of 2023. This parallels growth in the College’s service areas which have seen population increases as well as new industry, business, and service sector expansion.

These trends have led college leaders to analyze the current needs of the community alongside the needs of prospective students. In response to these positive trends, Mitchell is meeting the demands of Iredell County’s economic growth.

Below is a snapshot of Iredell County’s economic growth:

Graphic that reads "Iredell County is recognized as the fastest-growing in the Charlotte Region for New Product Industry Development.


The College’s strategic planning was a culmination of the collaboration between internal stakeholders including college administration, faculty, staff, and students, alumni, community members, and business and industry partners to align Mitchell’s current goals to be more relevant and purposeful. The strategic planning team set out to refresh, reset, and reconnect the College’s current goals to be more purposeful by asking the following:

As an institution, collectively and individually, what is it that we do? What needs to change? Has the College settled for the status quo?

What steps can the College take to embrace and improve upon current practices with a clearer focus on how we do our work? How do we ensure student success?

How can we identify a common goal with a focus on the success of our students while creating a One-College model?