Agribusiness Technology

While many people see agriculture as just a labor of love taking place in dusty fields and barns, agriculture is very much a business sector in today’s global economy. If working on the business side of agriculture appeals to you, enrolling in Agribusiness Technology can give you a leg up by building your knowledge of agricultural marketing, law and finance along with the basics of soil and animal science.


Possible Careers
Equipment Sales
Feed Sales
Agricultural Supply Sales
Store Manager
Wholesale and Retail Produce Management
Nursery Operations


Study Options
Agribusiness Technology A.A.S. Degree (A15100)

Agriculture Science Foundation Certificate (C15100B)
Agriculture Business Foundation Certificate (C15100A)
Sustainable Farming Methods Certificate (C15100C)
Turf and Landscape Management Certificate (C15100T)


Amy Poirier, Program Chair
(704) 878-3333