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Welcome parents and families,

At Mitchell, we know how important parents and families are to every college student.  No one makes the decision to go to college alone and your success is our shared success.  From parents and siblings to step-parents, grandparents, partners and loved ones, Mitchell staff helps you understand your student’s needs while getting them ready to start college and succeed.

Whether your student is a first-generation college student or comes from a family with college experience, every student is different.  Mitchell offers free advising and coaching to help you and your student get the best start to college.

Parents and families are welcome to tour Mitchell with their student.  Have you heard how wonderful the campuses are?  Come see for yourself.  From the historic Statesville campus to the downtown Mooresville campus, Mitchell ensures your student experiences the best possible learning environment and faculty.

Mitchell is excited to offer workshops to help parents and family members gain a deeper understanding of their student’s experience.  These workshops offer a general insight into the world of higher education and Mitchell resources and services.  These workshops are offered throughout the year and will be posted on the college calendar.

Here are some frequently asked questions by parents.

What if my student needs a tutor?
Does Mitchell have mental health resources?
Are there alert systems for emergency and campus closing?
What financial aid is available for students?
How can my student get involved on campus?
Do you have emergency funding for students?
How do students complete a complaint form about a staff or faculty member?
How can I get back in school and take classes?
Have Questions?

Carolyn Gray

Administrative Assistant