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Stories of Excellence – Zachary Roberts

Zachary Roberts, a 25-year-old Mitchell graduate, reflects with satisfaction on his journey and accomplishments. Zach, a resident of Statesville, embarked on his Mitchell journey in 2017 while still a senior at Statesville High School. He was grateful for the opportunity to kickstart his college education early, enabling him to graduate sooner. His transition to Mitchell after high school marked the beginning of an exciting chapter in his life.

He recalls taking many electives here to help him pursue his career classes whenever he transferred to a university. While he found enjoyment in business and math courses, it was his English classes that ignited his passion for writing. Despite witnessing his peers struggle, Zach excelled in these classes, consistently achieving high grades on assignments he initially doubted. His proficiency in writing swiftly developed, proving beneficial as he honed his craft.

Throughout his time at Mitchell, Zach encountered supportive faculty members, notably Dr. Moss, whose classes left a lasting impression, and Kimberly Singh, his advisor, who provided invaluable guidance. With a clear focus on his career aspirations, Zach spent his time concentrating on his professional growth. He delved into sports broadcasting during his tenure at Mitchell, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.

Upon graduating from Mitchell in 2019, Zach transferred to Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, where he pursued a Mass Communication degree with a Concentration in Writing and Editing. While his career initially progressed slowly, Zach remained determined. Joining his current company a month post-graduation, he began in video game design with aspirations for more. Through strategic networking, particularly on LinkedIn, Zach gradually transitioned into sports writing, fulfilling his desired role for the past two years. His portfolio now includes coverage of NFL, baseball, and golf.

Looking ahead, Zach harbors ambitious aspirations, aspiring to work for prominent commercial entities like ESPN within the next decade. Reflecting on his journey, he emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, even if they initially diverge from one’s desired path. Zach’s advice to Mitchell students mirrors his own experiences – capitalize on available opportunities and resources. Grateful for the financial aid that facilitated his Mitchell education and kept him debt-free, Zach attributes much of his success to the institution’s conducive environment for career exploration and growth. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to Mitchell for its instrumental role in shaping his future.