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Admissions & Testing Information

We are excited that you chose Mitchell Community College to continue your education! In the Admissions Department, we have the pleasure of meeting every new student during the “New Student Information Sessions.” These sessions are designed to get you started on the right track. During this appointment, we will discuss your intended program of study, you will learn your next steps, and we will answer any of your questions. The Admissions team is here to assist you on your journey, whether you are wanting to earn your degree or take a few classes to transfer. We want to help!! The Admissions Department is located on the Main Campus, in the Eason Student Services Building and in the Brawley Building, at the Mooresville Campus. Our team is committed to your success at Mitchell Community College and we want to make sure you are off to a great start! 

Application & Admissions Process

Step 1 - Complete Admissions Application

Degree-seeking students must present proof of high school graduation or high school equivalency diploma. Minimum age of 18 with or without a high school diploma.

Complete the NC Residency Determination and Mitchell Community College admission application below.
(Your username and password will be the same for both steps of the application)

Once an admission application has been processed students will receive official communication from the Admissions Office via email and mail that includes information about the next steps in the admissions process.

Application processing time is approximately 24-48 business hours.

Residency Appeal and ReconsiderationThe in-state tuition rate applies to students determined by the North Carolina Residency Determination Service (NCRDS) to be residents. Students classified as nonresidents must pay the out-of-state rate. Students who have been initially classified as nonresidents for tuition purposes have the right to appeal to the NCRDS.

Step 1

Complete your NC Residency Determination Forms!

This MUST be done first because you’ll need the Residency Certification Number you get when you complete this step.  Click the button below to visit the NC RDS website to complete the forms.  Please be sure to write down the Residency Certification Number when it is assigned.

Step 2

Fill out the Mitchell Community College Application

Do you have your Residency Certification Number?  GREAT!  You are ready for step two.  Click the button below to visit the CFNC website and complete the Mitchell Community College application. 

Fill Out Application

Step 2 - Submit Transcripts

Submit official copies of transcripts or records from high schools and all postsecondary schools attended, or acceptable high school equivalency scores. If an associate degree or higher has been earned, high school transcripts/high school equivalency scores are not required.

Official transcripts may be sent via mail to either campus’ admissions office, or via a secure, third-party transcript service to High school transcripts may also be requested through at no charge (student must know HS Student ID # to request a transcript through this method).


In order to be admitted as a degree-seeking student, applicants must present official transcripts from a public, private, or home school that is recognized under state law at the time of graduation.

Online high schools must meet the additional requirement of being accredited by a recognized accrediting agency at the time of graduation. A list of recognized accrediting agencies may be found on the following websites:


In order to be admitted as a degree-seeking student, applicants must present proof of high school equivalency diploma.

High school equivalency transcripts may be requested through

Step 3 - Meet with an Admissions Specialist

Upon receiving an official communication from the Admissions Office via email and mail, please schedule an appointment with an Admissions Specialist to discuss the admissions process and your next steps.  These appointments can be conducted via phone or in person.

Registration Dates

Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. on each of the priority days listed below. All Mitchell curriculum courses have section codes that are specifically formatted to let you know the location, length, and delivery method of your course. To review the section code definitions and view examples, please open this link: Section Codes List (Opens in New Window).

Summer 2024

Priority 1: Wednesday, March 27, 2024     – Veteran Students

***Registration will be unavailable at noon on Friday, March 29 for month-end processing.  Registration will open back up at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, April 1.***

Priority 2: Monday, April 1, 2024     – Current students with 30+ hours earned     – All Career and College Promise students

Priority 3: Thursday, April 4, 2024     – Current students with up to 29 hours earned     – All new and returning new students

Registration for Summer 2024 is open through June 2, 2024. Drop/Add is June 3 through June 4, 2024.

Fall 2024

Priority 1: Wednesday, April 24, 2024 – Veteran Students & Apprentices

Priority 2: Monday, April 29, 2024 – Current students with 30+ hours earned – All Career and College Promise students

***Registration will be unavailable at noon on Tuesday, April 30, 2024 for month end processing. Registration will open back up at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 1, 2024.***

Priority 3: Thursday, May 2, 2024 – Current students with up to 29 hours earned – All new and returning new students

Registration for Fall 2024 is open through August 18, 2024. Drop/Add is August 19 through August 23, 2024.

Spring 2025

Priority 1: Wednesday, October 30, 2024 – Veteran Students & Apprentices

***Registration will be unavailable at noon on Thursday October 31, 2024 for month end processing. Registration will open back up at 7:30 a.m. on Friday, November 1, 2024.***

Priority 2: Monday, November 4, 2024 – Current students with 30+ hours earned – All Career and College Promise students

Priority 3: Thursday, November 7, 2024 – Current students with up to 29 hours earned – All new and returning new students

Registration for Spring 2025 is open through January 12, 2025. Drop/Add is January 13 through January 17, 2025.

Summer 2025

Priority 1: Wednesday, March 26, 2025 – Veteran Students & Apprentices

***Registration will be unavailable at noon on Monday, March 31, 2025 for month end processing. Registration will open back up at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday, April 1, 2025.***

Priority 2: Tuesday, April 1, 2025 – Current students with 30+ hours earned – All Career and College Promise students

Priority 3: Friday, April 4, 2025 – Current students with up to 29 hours earned – All new and returning new students

Registration for Summer 2025 is open through June 1, 2025. Drop/Add is June 2 through June 3, 2025.

Prospective students and new applicants should contact a Student Services Admissions Specialist at the Mooresville Campus (704) 978-5415 or Statesville Campus (704) 978-5493 for more information. For general information email

Testing & Assessment Center

Whether you are a new student, a current student, or a community member, Mitchell Community College Testing Centers offer a professional setting for you to take an assessment or an exam. We currently have Testing Centers at both our Mooresville and Statesville campuses. We are committed to providing you with quality proctoring support from qualified and fully trained staff. Through our Testing Centers, we offer many different testing and assessment services, including:

Placement Testing

The Office of Admissions will help students determine if they need to take the placement test. If placement testing is needed, the Office of Admissions will provide students with a link to sign up for a testing appointment. Please contact the Office of Admissions at (704) 978-5493 for further information.

Important Test Information

  • Bring a current photo ID.
  • You’ll need to have access to your personal email for setting up your placement test account. Please know your email password or be able to access your email on a mobile device.
  • Phones must be turned off. All personal items will be stored in a designated secure area.
  • The test is not timed, but may take up to 4 hours. You may choose to split the test over two testing appointments.
  • Calculators, pencils, and scrap paper are provided.
  • Student will receive their results upon the completion of the test.
  • If disability or special testing accommodations are needed, you must contact Marks Elder, Accessibility Services Coordinator at (704) 878-3364 or

Learn More About Placement Test Waivers and Access Study Materials

TEAS Testing (Allied Health Programs)

TEAS Testing Date (opens PDF)

Students applying to Allied Health programs must meet all minimum requirements as set forth by their respective programs of interest.

The TEAS exam is administered to Mitchell Community College students for programs that require the TEAS exam.

A limited number of in-person proctoring sessions will be offered. Most TEAS examinations will be proctored online. Please note the location of your exam when registering.

The Nursing and Paramedic to Nursing programs require students to take the ATI TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) as one component of their minimum requirements. Students taking other programs (Dental Hygiene, Surgical Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Radiography, etc.) not offered by Mitchell Community College should see Academic Advisor obtain the TEAS signup link.

Allied Health entrance exams require an appointment. Seating is limited, advanced planning is highly suggested to meet program deadlines; please do not wait until your deadline month to schedule a test. The Huskins Library offers TEAS textbooks and online resources Please visit for textbooks, online practice tests, etc.

TEAS exam scores are one part of the criteria used for the selection process of determining students accepted into the healthcare programs.

The TEAS exam measures a student’s abilities in the following academic areas:

  • Reading

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • English and Language Usage

Things to Know About Taking the TEAS

  • Before your test date, create an ATI TEAS Student Account at and bring your ATI username/password.

  • You are required to arrive on time or you will need to reschedule the appointment.

  • A Photo ID is required (driver license, passport, military ID, student ID).

  • As a private testing site that serves Mitchell students, you will not need to prepay before your test day. Please bring a personal or prepaid Visa/MasterCard, etc. to pay the $65 administration fee to the ATI website. Mitchell does not collect or accept money for ATI.

  • No cell phones, smartwatches, personal calculators, or other electronic devices are allowed in the Testing Center.

  • Total test time is 209 minutes (which is 3.48 hours). However, to account for the instruction time plan to be here for four (4) hours.

Open Door Policy

Mitchell Community College has an open-door admission policy for applicants who are high school graduates, are at least 18 years of age or whose admission eligibility conforms to North Carolina law and North Carolina Community College system directives. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend the local admissions policy within the parameters permitted by the state of North Carolina and the State Board of Community College Code. Admission to the college is open without regard to race, creed, disability, national origin, sex or age to any student who meets the age or graduation requirements. Some degree programs have specific requirements for admission. These requirements are available from the program head, department head or Student Services counselor.

Have Questions?
Statesville Campus Contact Information

T’Sha Harrison, Director of Admissions and Testing

(704) 978-5440

Jessica Anderson, Admissions Specialist

(704) 978-1351

De’Angelia Huggins, PT Admissions Specialist/49ernext and

(704) 878-4262

Mooresville Campus Contact Information

Crystal Howell – Senior Admissions Specialist

(704) 978-1349