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Strategic Planning Committee Roster

Mitchell Community College 2023-2028 Strategic Plan: Mitchell Empowers Futures

The entire Mitchell Community College community was involved in creating the 2023 – 2028 Strategic Plan. The following individuals were directly involved in creating the content of this document.

Board of Trustees

Ralph L. Bentley, Chair

Leigh Whitfield, Vice Chair

Jonathan Byers, Sr.

Kevin Donaldson

Michael Haire

R. Stephen Hill

Shawn Huggins

Constantine “Costi” Kutteh

David J. Meachem

Amanda Moore

William Thunberg

Joseph H. Troutman

Institutional Effectiveness Planning Committee

Tim Brewer, Ed.D.

Gerald Hyde

Carol Johnson

Randy Ledford

J.J. McEachern, Ed.D.


VP for Administrative / Financial Services

VP for Continuing Education / Workforce Development

VP for Learning

VP for Student Services

Paul Santos

Molly Nicholson

Bob Williams

Sally Dellinger

Beverly Brown, Ph.D.

Chief HR Director and Title IX Coordinator

Executive Director for Advancement & Community Relations

Faculty Senate Representative

College Council Representative

Director of Equity and Inclusion


Linda Wiersch

Tia Coleman

Kent Shoffner

Marc Davis, Ed.D.

Marla Harris, Ed.D.

Dean of Health Sciences and Wellness

Dean of College Transfer

Dean of Educational Partnerships and Academic Success

Dean of Business, Engineering and Technological Studies

Dean of the Mooresville Campus

Area Representatives

Jonathan Harris

Deb Lazenby

David Bullins

Candace Cooper

Haley Jones

Amy Money

Chad Lackey

Austin Leviner

Controller, Administrative and Financial Services

Director of Customized Training & Business Services

Director of Public Safety

Director of Financial Aid

Director of Marketing and CommunicationsDocument Editor

Administrative Support

Director of Facilities

Coordinator of Student Activities and New Student Orientation