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Reinstating Eligibility

Should you lose your eligibility for financial aid, you may have your eligibility reinstated if:


1) You attend college and pay without receiving federal or state aid and meet the qualitative and quantitative components of the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirement.

Once Satisfactory Academic Progress is met, your financial aid eligibility will be reinstated for the beginning of the next semester of attendance. Financial aid awards are dependent upon you qualifying for financial aid. Funds must be available.



2) You make a successful appeal through the Financial Aid Appeal Process.

You may appeal financial aid suspension or maximum time frame by completing an appeal form. You must explain what has changed in your situation that will allow SAP to be met by the next SAP evaluation.


Appeals must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with supporting documentation to verify mitigating or extenuating circumstances surrounding the appeal. Examples of mitigating or extenuating circumstances include but are not limited to the death of a family member, separation or divorce, an accident or an illness. Appeals submitted without supporting documentation will not be reviewed.


The Financial Aid Committee will review appeals and you will be notified by letter of the committee’s decision. You should be prepared to pay tuition and fees by the published deadline, even though you have filed an appeal. If the appeal is approved after tuition and fees are paid, you may be reimbursed based on your eligibility and enrollment.