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Prospective Mitchell students listening to a presentation during a campus tour.


Exceptional Connections for Excellence in Learning

Mitchell Community College has a new Quality Enhancement Plan designed to help students achieve their goals through connections to support at Mitchell.

The plan includes:

1. A shift in advising to Success Coaches – Student Services Success Coaches assigned to new students as a point of contact during their first year at Mitchell.

2. ACA 122 (College Success) learning outcomes for all students – Students in all programs learn how to create an educational plan for Mitchell and beyond, learn to excel through study and test strategies and learn about all of the support resources at Mitchell. 

3. Success messages for students in all courses and in all campus departments – Everyone on campus is involved in every student’s success.  Strategies for success reinforced in courses – Information for success available in all campus departments.

4. Revised New Student Orientation – a new hands-on approach giving students what they need to know when they need to know it plus an online version of new student orientation.  

INtroduction to the QeP

A Student's Perspective

New Student Orientation

Why Advising?