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What Will You Leave Behind?
Your legacy. Have you ever thought about what that will be? Most of us would like to make a difference in the lives of our loved ones. We take steps to make sure they will be taken care of when we are not longer there.

Making a Difference
But what if you also want to make a difference in your community, or help to better society as a whole? Many people, when asked, say they would like to give more to charitable interest but they believe they must limit charitable giving in order to meet personal obligations. This need not be the case.

A Special Gift
Leaving a legacy can be easier than you think. One of the simplest ways to accomplish this goal is to make a gift in your will to a favorite charitable organization, in the same way you make a bequest to a loved one. You can leave a specific amount, a percentage, or a certain property. Or you can leave what remains after loved ones have been provided for.

Your Legacy
When you decide to provide for a final gift to an organization that you feel makes a difference in the world – one that will continue beyond your lifetime – that is a rewarding and meaningful legacy.

Making a Bequest
Did you know you can use your will or living trust to make a statement about your values, by including a bequest to Mitchell Community College to perpetuate the support you provided during your lifetime? Your bequest can be arranged to fund a particular program or establish an endowed scholarship that will provide financial assistance for generations to come.

The Benefits of a Bequest for You and Mitchell

  • The financial security of knowing your assets remain totally available to you during your lifetime.
  • Retained control over the final purpose of your assets.
  • The ability to establish a perpetual endowment fund in your own name or in honor of another person.
  • Potential estate tax savings.
  • The honor and recognition of membership in the Mitchell Legacy Circle.
  • The satisfaction that you have provided something special to ensure Mitchell’s future.

Please let us know if you have included us in your estate plans so we may thank you in advance and welcome you to the Mitchell Legacy Circle.

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