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Mitchell celebrates 40 Years of Small Business Support

The Small Business Center Network of the NC Community College System is celebrating 40 years of providing support and assistance to small businesses and start-ups across North Carolina. Small Business Centers (SBCs) are located at each of the state’s 58 community colleges, including right here in Iredell County at Mitchell Community College, to provide confidential business counseling, seminars, and resource and referral information to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

“At Mitchell Community College’s Small Business Center, we ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in our community,” said Suzanne Wallace, Mitchell’s Small Business Center Director. “We’re your guide on the path to success, offering free one-on-one counseling, insightful training, and essential resources to equip you with the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions.”

The mission of the Small Business Centers is to increase the success rate and number of viable small businesses in North Carolina. Each center provides high quality, readily accessible assistance to prospective and existing small business owners, with the goal of job creation and retention.

“Navigating the right way to set-up and start a business can be overwhelming and costly,” commented Jenn Bosser, President & CEO, Iredell Economic Development Corporation. “Mitchell Community College’s Small Business Center provides free courses and step by step guidance on everything you need to know to get started. Having that resource in our community is invaluable.”

At Mitchell Community College, the Small Business Center provides resources and fosters support for entrepreneurship, small business, and economic development in the local community.

“We believe in the power of small businesses to build a vibrant local economy,” continued Wallace. “That’s why we go the extra mile to provide exceptional, personalized service tailored to each entrepreneur’s unique vision. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, Mitchell’s Small Business Center is here to empower you every step of the way.”

For more information, contact Suzanne Wallace, Mitchell’s Small Business Center Director at 704-878-3227, email, or visit


About the Small Business Center Network

Created in 1984 when the North Carolina General Assembly funded 8 SBCs, the Small Business Center Network (SBCN) had expanded to include at least one SBC at each community college by 1995. Each year, the centers assist in starting an average of 650 businesses and help create and retain more than 3,000 jobs.

Today, with more than 60 sites, the Small Business Center Network is known as the most expansive state-funded technical small business assistance program in the United States with locations within a 30-minute drive of almost every North Carolinian.