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Mitchell Community College is dedicated to maximizing the academic outcomes of all minority male students. To achieve this goal, Mitchell sponsors the Minority Males program. The purpose of Minority Males is to address and increase the progression and completion rates of minority male students across all community colleges in North Carolina. The Minority Males program offers:

    • Professional coaching

    • Guidance and Mentoring

    • Access to a network of on-campus peers

    • Social Enrichment 

The goals of the Minority Males program are to:

  • Provide opportunities for minority males to network

  • Provide integrated and targeted supports and interventions when they are most effective;

  • Aid students’ progress through programs that lead to valuable degrees, without unnecessary detours;

  • Increase minority male utilization of campus resources and services through deliberate and intentional interactions between students and the campus community.

  • Increase the progression of first-year minority male students.

  • Assist students in making informed decisions which result in understanding the requirements and processes to succeed.

Your success is our number one priority. Take advantage of the many opportunities that will be offered throughout the year, and stay connected to a mentor who is as passionate about your accomplishments as you are.

Banner that reads "Minority Females".

The mission of Minority Females is to provide personal and academic support that nurtures and empowers Mitchell’s female students.

  • This mission is accomplished by providing
    • Fellowship,
    • Mentorship,
    • Scholarship, and
    • Enrichment opportunities.

The vision of Minority Females is that each participant attains their academic goals and realizes their fullest personal and professional potential.

Banner that reads "FUTURES".

FUTURES is a STEM outreach program that empowers community college faculty, staff, and students to connect with their local community through sharing their personal STEM stories.  This program is funded by the NC GSK Foundation.  This program is designed to teach participants how to create and present their own personal success story. Participants will attend two workshops.

Program benefits:

  • Hone your storytelling and presentation skills
  • Connect with your peers and community
  • Inspire people by sharing your personal STEM story
  • Earn a stipend
Banner that reads "HopeCheck".

HopeCheck is used to monitor students’ well-being to try to help students before they experience a crisis. HopeCheck will keep the administrator informed about your well-being and can reach out and provide support in a timely manner if needed.  Once a week you’ll receive an automated HopeCheck text message asking you to self-score your hope from zero (no hope) to ten (very hopeful). Just text back your score and you’re done!

Have Questions?

For additional information, contact:

Vermel D. Moore at or (704) 878-3280 (office).

Dr. Daniel JJ McEachern at or (704) 878-3281 (office).