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Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) field is very broad. Mitchell offers three focused IT degrees:  Networking, Service/Support and Software Development. Several courses are common to all, but each degree has unique required courses. Graduates will be qualified for employment in entry-level positions with any public or private entity in their focus/degree area.

Students that choose the Networking degree will develop an in-depth understanding of computer network operation, administration methods and best business practices through hands-on labs and access to world-class curriculum resources developed by networking giant Cisco Systems. In addition, Networking students build familiarity with commonly used server roles installed on enterprise-grade Microsoft Operating Systems.

Students that choose the Service/Support degree will develop a strong understanding of computer hardware through interaction with the hardware components that make up a modern day computer. In addition, students will be exposed to networking technologies through hands-on labs utilizing Netgear switches and enterprise-grade Microsoft Operating Systems.

Students that choose the Software Development degree will learn to program in three of the most popular languages: Java, C++ and Python. Students will gain foundational skills to learn additional languages in the future. Students will learn to program both for PCs and mobile devices. Students will also learn database design and the database SQL language.


Possible Careers
Help Desk Analyst (Level 1 or Level 2)
IT Support Technician
IT Support Specialist
Network Technician
Remote Support Administrator
Network Administrator
Active Directory Administrator
IT Generalist
Computer Programmer
Junior Software Developer
Database Designer
Android Mobile App Developer


Study Options
Information Technology–Cyber Security A.A.S. Degree (A25590C)
Information Technology–Digital Media/Advertising and Graphic Design A.A.S. Degree (A25590D)
Information Technology–Networking A.A.S. Degree (A25590N)
Information Technology–Software Development A.A.S. Degree (A25590P)

Information Technology Diploma (D25590)

Information Technology Starter Certificate (C25590A)
Cisco Certificate (C25590C)
Database Foundations Certificate (C25590D)
IT Exploration Certificate (C25590E)
Software Development Foundations Certificate (C25590F)
IT Help Desk Foundations Certificate (C25590H)
Information Technology Foundations Certificate (C25590I)
Java Certificate (C25590J)
Mobile Application Development Certificate (C25590M)
Operating Systems Certificate (C25590S)
Computer Science Certificate (C25590T)



Jason Lands, Program Chair, Information Technologies
(704) 978-1321