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Evaluation of Satisfactory Academic Progress

To ensure financial aid applicants and recipients of financial aid are making sufficient progress, each student’s progress will be evaluated by the Financial Aid Office at the end of each semester. Both qualitative and quantitative progress will be analyzed.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Statuses

Students who meet the qualitative and quantitative measure and maximum time frame requirements. 

Financial Aid Warning
The first time students fail to meet SAP standards, they are placed on Financial Aid Warning for one semester and may continue to receive financial aid for one semester. No appeal is necessary. Students are responsible for meeting SAP standards by the end of the warning period. 


Financial Aid Suspension
Students who fail to regain SAP during their semester under Financial Aid Warning are placed on Financial Aid Suspension. Students placed on Financial Aid Suspension are no longer eligible for financial aid and their financial aid is terminated. 


Financial Aid Probation
Students are placed on Financial Aid Probation when their financial aid is reinstated as result of an approved appeal. Students must follow and meet the conditions of their Academic Plan developed during the appeal process to remain on continued probation. 


Maximum Time Frame
Students are designated Maximum Time Frame when their enrollment exceeds 150 percent of the published length of the educational program.  Students will be notified by the Financial Aid Office of their SAP status for financial aid by letter and/or email.