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Students who score below a 7 on any portion of the NC-DAP® (NC Diagnostic and Placement) math placement test are placed in one or more of the following developmental math courses.

Course Prefix & Number

Course Title

Course Length

DMA 010

Operations with Integers

4 weeks

DMA 020

Fractions and Decimals

4 weeks

DMA 030


4 weeks

DMA 040


4 weeks

DMA 050

Graphs/Equations of Lines

4 weeks

DMA 060 (Prep for MAT 121)

Polynomial/Quadratic Applications

4 weeks

DMA 065 (Prep for MAT 171)

Algebra for Precalculus

8 weeks


DRE-Developmental English/Reading
Developmental Education Course Credit and Grades


Daniel Breuer, Coordinator/Instructor, Math and Developmental Math
(704) 878-3346