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Cleaning and Sanitation Plan

It is our priority at Mitchell Community College to help keep our work and learning environment safe. Daily cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing are all critical routines to maintain a healthy environment for our students, faculty and staff.


As we move forward, our custodians will increase their daily cleaning responsibilities and disinfecting high touch areas more frequently throughout the workday. These areas will include: 

  • Door handles,

  • Push bars,

  • Tables,

  • Countertops,

  • Desks,

  • Chairs,

  • Sinks,

  • Faucets,

  • Toilets,

  • Mirrors,

  • Water fountains,

  • Elevator operation buttons,

  • Vending Machines,

  • Breakrooms and

  • Other areas that have the risk of being a high touch item



Additional precautions include working with an outside agency for additional support at all campuses and locations. This effort helps to enhance our cleaning protocols with a higher level of consistent and thorough disinfection to all of our facilities including high traffic areas, office areas and classrooms. 


***Please note: These are the current cleaning and sanitation plans. This is a rapidly changing situation and these processes are subject to change at any moment.