Tips for College Transfer: A Student Checklist

  1. Get started early in your Mitchell career. Meet with your advisor to learn about transfer options and begin planning early.
  2. Keep a record of your progress at Mitchell. Use the guidelines outlined in the Mitchell Catalog for your particular major to make sure you are progressing properly toward graduation. Maintain a file with your grade reports, placement test scores and other important Mitchell documents. Bring the file with you each time you meet with your faculty advisor. There are planning tools in WebAdvisor that can assist you in planning your degree. You can find WebAdvisor in My Mitchell.
  3. Take part in career exploration opportunities. Talk with your advisor and visit the Mitchell Career Center in Student Services. Use the Discover software to confirm your career choice or to learn about other career options.
  4. Earn the very best grades you can at Mitchell, but also focus on deep and meaningful learning. Doing well at Mitchell can help you get into the college of your choice and will enable you to succeed at the four-year institution.
  5. Learn your options for transfer. Discover the programs of study at colleges you may want to attend. Talk with your advisor about ways to select a four-year institution that is right for you.
  6. Be prepared for better advising. Bring college catalogs and transfer information from prospective four-year colleges with you to advising sessions. Your advisor can provide you with a better consultation if he or she has access to this information.
  7. Discover opportunities to visit four-year colleges and universities. Check out visitation or open house events at the senior institutions you are considering. You should also visit the web sites of each college you are exploring to determine their transfer admission criteria. Watch for Mitchell visits from area college and university representatives, too.
  8. Complete your degree at Mitchell. Research from NC universities shows that students who complete their community college degree perform much better at the senior institution. Plus, with an associate degree, you are more likely to transfer all of your credits without having to take additional core courses required at the senior institution.
  9. Finally, celebrate your successful graduation from Mitchell. We will celebrate your success with you, so keep in touch with your advisor and the college. We want to hear from you. When you graduate from Mitchell, be sure to join the Mitchell Alumni Association.