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Students working on project



One of our Art Instructors received a Faculty Incentive Grant in 2011 and used the funds to purchase materials and services. He began his project by making an Illustrator file and saved it as an AutoCAD file so that Mbs Fabricating & Coating Inc could read and fabricate it. They cut the metal and delivered it before the end of the Spring semester and the Sculpture I and II students laid out the metal in order to see what it would look like upon final assembly. The students were able to learn a process of making art that involved several different technologies in the development.





Students from the Sculpture I and II Fall semester classes worked completing the final assembly of this project by pre-drilling holes, countersinking bolt heads and adding threads to existing holes. Upon final assembly, the piece was later powder coated by Keco Coatings.  


Presently, we are deciding on a location for placement of this piece on campus.

Students working on sculpture