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First Name Last Namesort descending Title Department Email Location Phone
Wohali Revels Campus Security Officer Campus Safety & Security Security (704) 818-7316
Amanda Rhea Director of Educational Partnerships Educational Partnerships arhea@mitchellcc.edu MB-307 (704) 978-5441
Maira Rios Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services Facilities Not Listed
Holly Risch Instructor Faculty: Associate Degree Nursing hrisch@mitchellcc.edu SB-101A (704) 878-3301
Pam Robinson Administrative Assistant Human Resource Development probinson@mitchellcc.edu CEC-11B (704) 878-6220
Joyce Roseberry Assistant System Administrator Institutional Technology jroseberry@mitchellcc.edu HL-104 (704) 978-3104
Glenn Roseman Instructor Faculty: Criminal Justice Technology groseman@mitchellcc.edu VB-204C (704) 978-1334
Beverly Rufty Library Coordinator Huskins Library brufty@mitchellcc.edu HL-208 (704) 878-3249
Margaret Russell Administrative Assistant Mooresville Campus mrankin@mitchellcc.edu MC-124 (704) 978-5480
Hedy Ryerson HRD Coordinator Human Resource Development hryerson@mitchellcc.edu CEC-11F (704) 878-4266
Barbara Salamon Instructor Faculty: Mathematics bsalamon@mitchellcc.edu VB-108C (704) 878-3300
Tami Sappenfield Counselor/Admissions Specialist Student Services tsappenfield@mitchellcc.edu SSC 103-H (704) 878-3280
Ann Saunders Assistant Director, Financial Aid Financial Aid asaunders@mitchellcc.edu SSC-107 (704) 878-3295
Emily Schuttenberg Instructor Faculty: Music eschuttenberg@mitchellcc.edu MH-201 (704) 978-5425
Betty Scipione Director of Customized Training Business and Industry Services bscipione@mitchellcc.edu WFD-101D (704) 878-3234
Norman Shade Campus Security Officer Campus Safety & Security nshade@mitchellcc.edu Security (704) 880-0923
Jeff Sherrill Help Desk Supervisor Institutional Technology jsherrill@mitchellcc.edu WFD-219 (704) 878-3273
Kent Shoffner Instructor Faculty: Developmental Education kshoffner@mitchellcc.edu VB-212A (704) 978-1313
Charles Shuford Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services cshuford@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Kimberly Singh Instructor Faculty: English ksingh@mitchellcc.edu FH-202 (704) 978-1361
Mark Smalley Dean of Business, Computer Technology and Cosmetology Faculty: Business, Computer Technology & Cosmetology msmalley@mitchellcc.edu FH-105 (704) 878-4259
Josh Smith Fire Cotinuing Education Coordinator Public Safety jsmith@mitchellcc.edu CEC-B3 (704) 978-5498
John Smith Maintenance Technician Facilities Support Services jsmith6@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Allison Snyder Early College Liaison Educational Partnerships asnyder@mitchellcc.edu Off-site Not Listed
Bruce Sowers Grounds/Housekeeping Technician Facilities Support Services bsowers@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Theresa Spencer Testing Coordinator Counseling & Advising tspencer@mitchellcc.edu SSC-103B (704) 978-1308
Everette Steele Assistant Director of Security Campus Safety & Security esteele@mitchellcc.edu Security (704) 978-1377
Velva Stevenson Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services vstevenson@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Paul Stevenson Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services pstevenson@mitchellcc.edu Facilities-Mooresville Not Listed
Ronna Stroud Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Digital Media Technologies rstroud@mitchellcc.edu VB-204A (704) 978-5429
Megan Suber Public Information Officer Office for Advancement msuber@mitchellcc.edu Kirkman House (704) 878-4395
Rita Taggert Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Communications rtaggert@mitchellcc.edu FH-102 (704) 878-4350
Clay Tallman Accounting Technician I Financial Services ctallman@mitchellcc.edu MB-306 (704) 878-3257
Lisa Taylor Student Accounts Specialist Financial Services ltaylor@mitchellcc.edu SSC-200C (704) 978-5404
Robert Theisen Instructor Faculty: Information Technology rtheisen@mitchellcc.edu MCB 206 (704) 978-5459
Aaron Thompkins Digital & Social Media Specialist Office for Advancement athompkins2@mitchellcc.edu Kirkman House (704) 880-6147
Tessa Townsend Instructor Faculty: Mathematics ttownsend@mitchellcc.edu VB-108D (704) 878-3348
Lee Troutman Coordinator/Instructor Faculty: Mechatronics Engineering Technology ltroutman@mitchellcc.edu WFD-113 (704) 878-3327
Bradley Tunstill Registrar/Director of Student Records Student Services btunstill@mitchellcc.edu SSC 107 (704) 978-1387
Wendy Turner Instructor Faculty: Communications wturner@mitchellcc.edu MCB-108 (704) 878-3258
Jamie Vance Campus Security Officer Campus Safety & Security jvance@mitchellcc.edu Security (704) 380-5695
Donna Vanhorn Advancement Services Specialist/Cashier Office for Advancement dvanhorn@mitchellcc.edu KH (704) 878-3356
Lee Jan Waddell Administrative Services Assistant Administrative Services lwaddell@mitchellcc.edu MB-333 (704) 978-5447
Jasper Wagoner Facilities Technician Facilities Support Services jwagoner@mitchellcc.edu Facilities Not Listed
Suzanne Wallace Director of Small Business Center Small Business Center swallace2@mitchellcc.edu WFD-101B (704) 878-3227
Jeremi Watkins Financial Aid Specialist Financial Aid jwatkins@mitchellcc.edu MCA-87 (704) 878-3254
Sharon Watkins Accounts Receivable Specialist/Cashier Continuing Education Division swatkins@mitchellcc.edu CEC (704) 878-3290
Kyle Watson Payroll Assistant Financial Services kwatson@mitchellcc.edu SSC-201B (704) 978-3106
Loraine Watt Instructor Faculty: Computer Information lwatt@mitchellcc.edu VB-201F (704) 878-3328
Emily Weddington Instructor Faculty: Foreign Languages and Cultures eweddington@mitchellcc.edu FH-204 (704) 978-5462