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Advising Season

At Mitchell Community College, advising is considered an important part of our responsibilities to our students, and our students’ responsibility to themselves as they work toward their academic and career goals. How is it a student’s responsibility? You have to let your advisor know when you want to meet or respond to your advisor’s outreach to you. We very much want you to be successful in your goals!

With that in mind, every October and March of the academic year kicks off what we refer to as “Advising Season.” While you can schedule to meet with your advisor as needed, we begin promoting advising at the beginning of these two months and encourage students to start planning their upcoming semesters with the support of their advisors. Even if you are confident about your progress and program, it never hurts to check in with your advisor to ask questions, celebrate successes, and see how close you are to achieving your certificate, diploma, degree, or specifically selected courses based on employment needs. 

During these advising seasons, advisors typically reach out to their advisees with information about scheduling an advising appointment, so be sure to check your student email account often.

If you are unsure about the name of your advisor, you can find that information in your Self Service account. Once in Self Service, select “Student Planning” then “Plan and Schedule Courses” and then find and select the “Advising” tab on that page, and you will see your advisor’s name there. 

Fun fact: There’s actually such a thing called Global Advising Week which usually occurs the first week of May! One of the purposes of the week is to celebrate and promote the profession of Advising. You can read about it here on the NACADA website.

Questions? Need help figuring out who your advisor is? Contact our Advising staff at We are here to help!