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Manufacturing and Industrial Class Schedule

Local employers are seeking individuals with manufacturing and industrial skills. Learn about the high-wage career opportunities in Iredell County and discover how Mitchell Community College can provide the training to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Course Descriptions

Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Systems (AIMS) Lab
Use this self-paced lab to learn more about electrical, industrial controls, drive systems, programmable logic controllers, operator interface systems, pneumatics, hydraulics and mechanical drives. Flexible hours let students and employers work around existing schedules. Customization is available for business and industry. 

CNC and SolidWorks
In this course students will create basic programs for CNC mills. Student will use a plain ASCII text editor (like Notepad) to input basic industry standard G and M code programs. Programs are run on verification software to ensure accuracy. Speed and feed calculations, operator notes and start-up lines, mill tooling types and procedures, rectangular coordinates, canned (drill) cycles, and file management are other areas of study.  Students will learn the basics of sketching and modeling in Solidworks and how to apply it to tool path programming and then CNC machining. Students must have manual machining knowledge and must complete a short assessment to verify their knowledge before they will be allowed to register for the course.  

Certified Production Technician
This course is a National Certification that prepares you to work in a manufacturing facility. There are 4 sections--Safety, Maintenance, Quality and Manufacturing Process- after each section there is a test. To receive CPT certification, you must pass all four tests. There are scholarships available for eligible students. Area NC Manufacturing Institute Employer Partners look for CPT Certification when hiring.  

Entry to Industrial Maintenance
Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Systems Laboratory (AIMS Lab) modules grouped specifically for entry-level position in manufacturing maintenance. Topics include Basic Electricity, Into to Industrial Controls, AC & DC Drives, Into to Pneumatic Systems, Industrial Control Applications & Interfacing, and more.  Class meets up to 180 in-class hours yielding a Continuing Education Certificate of 18 CEUs.  Please call (704) 878-3327 or email for more information.

Forklift Training
Learn the safe and proper operation of powered industrial trucks. Includes classroom and hands-on training.   

Mechatronics 1 - Mechanical Fundamentals
Introduction to mechanical fundamentals covers theory with a focus on application for power transmission equipment. Topics include equipment safety, inspection, simple preventive and scheduled maintenance, lubrication, knowledge of belts, gears, drives, bearings, seals and fittings. Class meets 50 in-class hours yielding a Continuing Education Certificate of 5.0 CEUs.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
This course provides a detailed study of PLC applications, with a focus on design of industrial controls using the PLC. Topics include PLC components, memory organization, math instructions, documentation, input/output devices, and applying PLCs in industrial control systems. Upon completion, students should be able to select and program a PLC system to perform a wide variety of industrial control functions.

Welding and Mechanized Cutting
Acquire basic welding skills. Learn to use tools to shape and cut metals, interpret blueprints, and understand weld tests and codes, all with an emphasis on safety. Gain experience in stick, MIG and TIG welding, and plasma cutting. Heavy emphasis is on practical hands-on applications. You must provide appropriate safety equipment. Information is provided during the first class.   

Project Management
Gain the essential project management knowledge, skills, and tools to consistently deliver projects to a successful completion. Success requires not only clear communication but also management skills to inspire team members to excellence. Identify stakeholders, create a well-defined scope, set realistic schedules, and keep projects on track.  Two-day class:  $393 per student from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. with dates to be announced. A 25% discount is available to manufacturers with 2 or more registered.  Call Betty Scipione at (704) 878-3234 to reserve your seat today.

Project Management -Gantt Project Planner
Discover how this valuable tool is used in project management. Join us for this 4-hour class with singular focus on Microsoft Excel Gantt charts to set multiple schedules and keep projects on track. This class, for new to intermediate level project managers, does require an existing basic knowledge of Excel. Cost:  $70.00.  Date to be announced as a follow-up to the Project Management class (see above). Call Betty Scipione at (704) 878-3234 to reserve your seat today.

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